About Me
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"£40m capital,
£150m revenue..."

I typically work with all 3 of the levers necessary for exponential success in the new economy: Code, Capital + Culture.


I am on this earth to help bring new ideas to life. As an entrepreneur I have brought my own new ideas to life. And as an investor, advisor and consultant I have helped hundreds of other people bring their ideas to life.


Because this is my purpose, I work across a mixture of the areas necessary to deliver new ideas into the world:

  • Technology and innovation

  • Business strategy

  • Investment and fundraising

  • Go-to-market, marketing & growth

  • Commercial strategy 


I've been in the trenches as a Founder/CEO/Investor/Boardmember/Strategist/Marketer/Commercial lead and so I know how tough it is to create something that changes the world.


But, I also know that creativity and out-of-the-box thinking leads to wildly efficient growth and so I'm keen to pass my hard-fought learnings on. In the last 15 years I have founded and worked with companies to achieve  exits, £40m in investment and £150m in revenue.



Addressing the European Commission on AI and blockchain and the need for an open data economy

About my work

A central theme in my work is helping myself and other people ‘earn the freedom to take more risk’- to build original products and services, pursue projects that matter to them and create innovative businesses that succeed.


I believe that making your own unique contribution to the world leads to a more interesting life, and a happier and richer world for other people.


Whatever the size of your business, or the stage of your career, the world is crying out for you to make that unique contribution, to 'Tell Your Story', and I help you to do it successfully.

I have founded/funded/worked across businesses where code, capital + culture intersect to create serious value, including:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Blockchain 

  • Consumer Brands

  • Education

  • Entertainment and talent

  • Fintech

  • Marketing

  • Music

  • Media

  • Personal finance 

  • Personal therapy and mental health

  • Synthetic Media