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About Me
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"Driven by a mission to build technology that connects not divides"

"£50m+ capital
£200m+ revenue...
3 exits"


I am proud to be in the very small group of people who have not only built but actually sold AI companies. I have been building Artificial Intelligence companies for 15 years, long before AI was sexy or regarded as game-changing.
I have been recognised as one of the UK’s top 100 Entrepreneurs on the Maserati list and a Top 50 UK Innovator by Penrose. And my own experiences as an entrepreneur have moved me to help young people from less privileged backgrounds become entrepreneurs and bring their ideas to life, which I does as Chairman of The Digital Leadership Council.
I am a Co-Founder of, the world leader in AI-generated photoreal content, and the the creator of the Internet sensation DeepTomCruise. Metaphysic recently made history as the first AI finalist on America’s Got Talent. I also founded which has developed proprietary, privacy-friendly AI to build a global map of popular culture which companies like Google, L'Oreal and Pepsico use to make content, experiences and products that audiences actually care about. Codec has been recognised by CogX as 'Best Artificial Intelligence Product' and by the UK Government as a Top 20 A.I. Scale-Up, and was acquired in 2023.

Given my background as an IP & privacy lawyer I am particularly interested in 'AI for Good' and think everyone else should be too. As a member of the Biden/Harris Administration White House General AI Working Group I get to learn and influence on how AI is developed globally. I am able to help governments, companies and leaders understand all 3 of the levers necessary for exponential success in the new economy: Code (technology), Capital  + Culture (intelligence & media).


Addressing the European Commission on AI and blockchain and the need for an open data economy

About my work

A central theme in my work is admitting that technology will divide us if we do not intentionally design and deploy it in such a way that it deepens our connection to one another. I have built technologies that help us understand ourselves and others better, creating connection, empathy and efficiency. 


I show leaders what is possible from exponential and decentralising technologies like AI, but also the principles and approaches necessary to deploy technology in a way that drives co-operation, communication and creativity.

In this way I provide a blueprint for how technology can be used by governments to create more productive countries, by companies to create more valuable organizations, and by individuals to live more interesting, happier and richer lives.

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