I Help Organizations Innovate

And Build Resilience in the New Economy




Martin Adams is an entrepreneur and innovation advisor to CEOs, corporates, governments, and public figures around the world

"I know what it’s like to be exhausted and frustrated as you try to drive innovation and transformation. Like you, I’ve tried to keep up with all the trends. I’ve been caught doing too many things at the same time and feeling completely drained. But now I can share my unique insights from working with the most innovative people and technologies in the world - I can help you identify the innovation that works for your customers, and to draw upon Technology, Investment, Marketing and Digital Transformation to help you build the bravery to deliver it now."



“Martin is up there with the best speakers I've seen. He speaks with clarity and passion to help the audience understand how they can win big in the modern world."

- Oli Woodley
SVP Commercial at Vice

“I can honestly say that no one gets technology and its role in modern business, education and society more than Martin...He brings it to life better than anyone."

- Greg Ivanov 
Head of VR at Google

"Any talk from Martin is an absolute joy. His  empathy with his audience is incredible and his sheer energy is infectious!"

- Huib van Bockel 
Former CMO at Red Bull


Here are some of my most recent talks...