Recent & upcoming:
  • 'The Role of Technology in Digital Transformation', Keynote to the European Commission, Brussels

  • A.I. for Business: Keynote at Arabian Business Dubai, UAE

  • 'A Masterclass on Content Marketing and Culture', Keynote to BT Global, London 

  • 'Making Content People Really Care About', ITP Conference  

  • 'What Technology Might Just Teach You About Being a Leader', Keynote at Middle East Youth Expo, Abu Dhabi

  • Content that Connects, Keynote at Social Media Week Conference, London

  • 'Rip It Up, Start Again', Disruptive Live 

  • 'Creating More Human Technologies', Keynote at Horasis Global Meeting 2019

  • 'Using A.I. for Storytelling', The Creative Intelligence Podcast

  • 'Tech for Good: How to Use Technology to Achieve Your Goals', Middle East Youth Expo

  • Innovating in the Public Sector: Blockchain and A.I. Opportunities and Threats, Department for Communities and Local Government

  • 'Helping Humans; How We Can Pursue a More Human Centred View of Technology', Unbound London

  • ‘What is The Future of Work?’ broadcast globally to 7000 Unilever employees

  • Keynote at Digital Leadership Forum on Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence 

  • 'A.I. in Marketing' host at CognitionX 2019

  • 'An education system fit for purpose- how we need to teach technology and mindfulness in schools'


  • 'The Future of Work: How Technology is Changing the World and How You Can Keep Up'

  • 'How can your business use Artificial Intelligence and other innovative technology in a human-centred way?'

  • ‘Wilfulness: How companies can identify which innovations will help them grow and which are merely distractions’

  • 'Innovation that Wows Customers', Reed Business Keynote

  • 'How to build trust through technology', Disruption Summit Europe

  • IBMx Think Leaders Summit, Cannes Lions

  • Digital Future Council Keynote, Cannes 

  • Recent guest on Virgin Media Podcast

  • Creating Stories that Engage Your Audience, Signal Media  Podcast

  • 'Building Authentic Brand Experiences- AI and Blockchain', IBM Experts Series

  • 'Is attention the new cryptocurrency?' at Mobile World Congress, Barcelona

  • Blockchain 'Views of Visionaries' forum at Founders Forum, 2018

  • How Artificial Intelligence can be used in Advertising’ at ‘The Future of Media’ conference in Moscow, Russia

  • 'Artificial Intelligence in Marketing: What Does the Future Look Like?' a filmed BBC production for Norwegian TV

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“Martin is up there with the best speakers I've seen. He speaks with clarity and passion to help the audience understand how they can win big in the modern world."


- Oli Woodley, SVP Commercial at Vice Media



“I can honestly say that no one gets technology and its role in modern business, education and society than Martin. Crucially he doesn’t just think about it or talk about it, he is able to draw upon fascinating stories and examples from a fascinating career spent building and using it with companies around the world. He passionately believes in what he says on stage and brings it to life better than anyone."


- Greg Ivanov, Head of Google VR



“Any talk from Martin is an absolute joy. His clear understanding and empathy with his audience his incredible and his sheer energy is infectious! Martin's talks and training sessions are always as memorable as they are valuable!”


-Huib van Bockel, Founder at Tenzing and former CMO of Red Bull

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